We believe creating space and balance in the mind is integral to our wellbeing.

By listening to our bodies, tuning into our breath and learning to trust our instincts we can feel more connected with ourselves and the world. 

We believe healthy minds lead to healthy bodies and happy people, which lead to great business.



We offer tailored made wellness programs that inspire, motivate and empower your team. We provide yoga, pilates and meditation programs that lead to happier, healthier and more productive employees.

Day Retreats offer expert guidance in creating a calm and nurturing space allowing you to explore, strengthen, stretch both your body and mind. Offering yoga, pilates and meditation classes Day Retreats creates a space to centre and realign your thoughts, revitalising and transforming productivity and creativity.


Bring Day Retreats concept to your work place.

A transformative day of wellness - Full day retreat program

Delivered to your workplace the Day Retreats experience offers you a chance to relax and unwind , the ideal antidote to a days spent at your desks.

Day Retreats offers full or half day intensive wellness days which can be themed to work in partnership with your brand/company ideals and objectives, creating a memorable wellbeing experience.


Full Day Retreat - example SCHEDULE

Morning meditation – welcome – 30 mins 

Pilates class – 1 hour

Mini break – 15 mins

Yang yoga class 1.30 mins

Lunch break

Goal setting task meditation task – 20 mins

Restorative/ yin /hatha yoga class -1.15 mins hour

Yoga nidra – deep relaxation 30 mins


Weekly wellness programs

Choose from yoga, pilates or meditation weekly classes.

Pre work with an early morning class to start the day right, reclaim your lunch break with a mood lifting class or offer a post work class to cleanse and wind down.




Pilates classes free the body as it realigns you through a blend of strength and flexibility training to help centre and condition your body. Focusing on postural awareness and developing the subtle muscles it can build the much needed core strength to help reduce back pain (often a by product of desk work).




Meditation aims to clear the mind, encourage peaceful thoughts and reduce stress, leaving you calm, centred and present.

Working with the breath in a meditative state we are able to connect to ourselves more effectively and focus in on our visions and goals more accurately.





Yoga offers a union of both the mind and body by connecting through the breath. Using a series of postures yoga can help to stretch out tired and aching muscles, build gradual strength and induce calm. Day retreats offer a few different types of yoga classes all with a slightly different focus but all leaving you feeling energised and relaxed.



Vinyasa flow yoga- Working with more fluid sequencing and a continuous tempo of movement. Vinyasa flow classes create a space for the body to flow whilst working deeply into postures to build strength and create space for flexibility.

Yin or Restorative yoga- A slower paced class where postures are held for a longer amount of time allowing you to drop deeply into the body giving the mind time to slow down. Both restorative and yin yoga will leave you with a deep sense of calm and relaxation.


Bespoke wellness programs

Day Retreats partners with brands / companies to provide bespoke wellbeing experiences, drawing awareness to ideas, concepts and goals through mindfulness practices and body awareness enhancing sessions

We are able to offer bespoke wellness programs on request. So if you have a particular idea that you would like to pursue please get in touch with us.