Day Retreats London: Erika Charters  - photography by Lindsay Jessup

Day Retreats London: Erika Charters - photography by Lindsay Jessup


Erika trained at Laban and The University of Limerick, graduating with an MA in Contemporary Dance, she then worked extensively as a dance and costume artist. Throughout her training, Pilates and Yoga filled the fundamental role for injury prevention, body conditioning, clarity of mind, creativity and emotional balance. 

Erika's interest in Pilates and Yoga and the continued benefits she feels, inspires her to want to share this with as many people as she possibly can!  She strives to help people, by teaching them to tune back into their bodies and to listen to the body's natural movement.

Erika's Pilates training is with internationally accredited STOTT Pilates, Matwork, Injury and Pre/Post – Natal.  She completed her Vinyasa Flow Yoga  200hr at Sadhaka, London and pregnancy Yoga with Yoga mama. Combining this training with her personal experience of Somatics, natural movement and mindfulness.


Erika hopes that Day Retreats will help you improve your well- being and happiness.

 Day Retreats London: Leyla Rees - photography by Lindsay Jessup

Day Retreats London: Leyla Rees - photography by Lindsay Jessup


Leyla trained at The National Centre of Circus Arts and The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with a BA Honours in Contemporary Dance. She continues to work as a an aerialist, dancer and choreographer, performing internationally. Pilates and Yoga are an integral part of her training and daily practice and she feels their benefits constantly. 

Leyla's classes combine her love of movement and flow where she aims to challenge her students and also encourage them to find a sense of play and explore their sense of natural movement. Her physical background and constant use of the body has lead her to constantly strive for cultivating a strong sense of body awareness in her teachings.

Leyla completed her Vinyasa Flow training with Yoga London in 2012 and her pregnancy yoga training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at Yoga Campus. She is a Usui Reiki Master where she trained under Rittu Sood in India. 


Leyla hopes that Day Retreats can offer you a place where you can listen to your body, allowing space and time for your body and your intuition to grow.